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004100C63 - Tschorn Assembly System Capto C6 Adaptor

$350.00 USD
004100C63 - Tschorn Assembly System Capto C6 Adaptor
The assembly system is flexible: all popular adapter types and sizes are available and offer a quick and precise handling of your tools. The change of the adapters is easy and simple – you can mount your tools holders within seconds.
The assembly system is not only time-saving but also helps you to have longlasting tool holders: thanks to our unique technolog y, the tool holder is not
clamped at its precise conus - the conus is free. This is safer for your tool
holders and no damanges ensure a precise processing of the parts you have to manufacture.
As the adapter is rotatable, you can turn your tool at any time within seconds to the desired position. This enables ergonomic and healthy working conditions. Also job safety is important. All adapters have been developed to guarantee form-closed and safe fixation of the tool holders. It is not possible to slip off, even not with a lot of power. This prevents accidents and injuries.