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Workpieces with complicated free-form geometries for which no conventional clamping equipment exists can be securely and reproducibly fixated and held with NADELFIX. Parts to be tested are pressed into a bed of individually sprung pins or needles which are then locked in place by a central clamp. This rapidly produced  exact negative form of the test piece perfectly holds the part in place with minimum clamping force using e.g. a spring finger. There is no surface damage, as with normal vices, nor are there unreliable, improvised fixations.

• Excellent suitability for free-form surfaces
• Secure and gentle hold through positive fit with minimum clamping force
• Time saving and cost effective due to rapid adjustment to variable workpiece geometries
• Universal clamping element rather than manufacturing and storing product-specific special fixtures
• Simple and tool-free operating principle
• Can be combined with other DK product ranges
• Modular system with a wide range of possible applications

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