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Spannfix PRO

Modular clamping elements for tactile measurement

Precisely reproducible fixtures with scales and angular alignment

SPANNFIX PRO modular system fixtures for exact positioning, fixating and clamping of complex geometries while maintaining maximum workpiece accessibility. Comprising basic, structural and clamping elements which can all be connected to each other over standardized interfaces. In the interests of overall cost-effective­ness and sustainability, the configurations can thus be repeatedly dismantled and rebuilt identically or completely anew. Especially during product deve­lopment, where changes are usually made, the structure can be easily adapted to changed dimen­sions or forms. Instead of shelf-filling special clamping elements of classical fixture construction which cannot be adapted, and are therefore scrap after the product life cycle of the test part, professionals use modular systems with intelligent components. Since these only make sense when enough different basic, structural and clamping elements form a functional program, SPANNFIX PRO offers not only a wealth of individual parts, but also their trouble-free combination with other DK fixation systems.

  • The basics are the baseplates or quick-change mounts
  • Exact reproducibility through a slot system with graduations
  • Wide range of structural and clamping elements
  • Flexible clamping solutions diverse workpiece geometries
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • For tactile measuring machines

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